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COVID-19 Information

April 23, 2020

Cardinal Seán's video message to the Deacons, Deacons' wives and families. The link to the video is embedded on the PDF document.

Cardinal's message in English Cardinal's message in Spanish

April 14, 2020

We are excited to share the designation of a Deacon in each of the four Vicariates in support of the Diaconate Community Board. This affords a more localized opportunity for sharing, collaborating and informing Deacons of what is going on as well as inputs to the RCAB on key matters. Our hope is to offer tighter communication among Deacons not only during these troubled times but also in the unknown times that lay ahead for all of us. One of our driving issues is to insure that no one is left behind in the activities affecting us in this evolving RCAB. We also hope to better inform and include our wives, 16 senior Deacons, and 19 Widows in this endeavor.

These four Deacons have generously offered their help and assistance both within their Vicariate and to share as Regional Team members across the four Vicariates. They can be your contact point for sharing issues, concerns, and questions. We look forward to sharing more information in the near future with each of you.

Thank you to Deacons Geoff, Bill, Kelly and Fred!

Vicariate 1           Deacon Geoff Higgins  '11

Vicariate 2           Deacon Bill Koffel  '02

Vicariate 3           Deacon Kelly McCormick  '15

Vicariate 4           Deacon Fred Hogan  '08

April 6, 2020

Ministry outside of the Archdiocese and Letters of Good Standing

Due to the increasing national and international dimensions of the COVID-19 pandemic, at this time Archdiocese of Boston is not able provide priests or deacons Letters of Good Standing for ministry outside the Archdiocese. It is our prayer that at a time not yet known when, hopefully, the pandemic would recede we would again be able to issue credentials for ministry outside the Archdiocese. Thank you for your understanding.

+Peter J. Uglietto

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