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Transfer Procedure For Deacons In the Archdiocese of Boston

Deacons will occasionally seek a transfer from a given assignment. Mindful that he has been ordained to serve the needs of the local Church, and not necessarily his home parish or an assignment ofhis own preference, the deacon to be transferred will henceforth address those "Requests for the Service of a Deacon" that have been officially received by the Clergy Personnel Office. The Clergy Personnel Office will consult with the deacon in question until a mutually agreeable assignment is identified. The following transfer procedure is to be followed:

  1. The deacon will make known his desire to be reassigned from present assignment to his immediate superior, i.e. pastor, chaplain.
  2. The deacon will notify the Clergy Personnel Office of his desire to seek a new assignment.
  3. The Personnel Office will arrange for the deacon to meet with a Pastor, or agency/program director, who has requested the service of a deacon.
  4. When the new assignment has been agreed upon, and a Statement of Pastoral Understanding has been drawn up and mutually signed, the Clergy Personnel Office is notified and sent a copy of the Statement.
  5. The proposed transfer is then reviewed by Clergy Personnel. No leaving of assignment until official notice of re-assignment by the Ordinary.
  6. The Ordinary officially makes the new appointment after weighing the initial request, the needs of the local Church, the terms of the Statement of Pastoral Understanding.
  7. The Ordinary will notify all parties involved by letter concerning the dates for official termination of one assignment and the beginning of another.
  8. If a Pastor, or an Agency/Program Director, and the Deacon are in disagreement about continuance in an assignment, the local Vicar could be asked to make a recommendation. The Clergy Personnel Office will then consult with the Secretary of Ministerial Personnel, before presenting the matter to the Cardinal for resolution and for the final decision of His Eminence.
  9. In the future, it can be expected that the Ordinary/Regional Bishop will request a deacon to consider a transfer to a new assignment because an immediate parochial, regional, or archdiocesan need must be addressed. Imbued with an ecclesial sense of mission, an ever widening vision of ministry will be characteristic ofthe deacon. Such assignments will always attempt to respect the deacon's place of residence, family responsibilities, and individual circumstances. The Church will be well served when a deacon willingly, enthusiastically, and competently accepts an assignment by request of his Ordinary or Regional Bishop to meet a particular need amidst the People of God.
  10. The Office of Clergy Support will work directly with the Clergy Personnel Office relative to the welfare of each deacon in his parochial, regional, or archdiocesan assignment.
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