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Using the Boston Diaconate Bulletin Board

The bulletin board is a resource that deacons can use to engage in dialog with each other, and for publishing information such as prayer requests so that others may view this information.

The bulletin board may be accessed by going to

You should see a screen like:

As the name suggests, the bulletin board allows members to "post" messages which then can be read by others. The bulletin board has the capability of emailing you when someone posts to a topic you are interested in.

Anyone can read the messages but you must be a registered user to post messages.

To register, click on the Register Link at the top of the screen:

You will get a screen with the terms of use, and then when you click on the "I agree" link at the bottom you will get a data entry screen.

The only required fields are the first 4:

The Username is the name you will log in with. It can be your name, e.g., "Charlie Cornell" or a nickname such as "Deacon Bob", etc.

The email address is so that you can be contacted by the system administrator or by a message from a member.

Once you have registered you may log into the system and start using it.

If you have any questions or encounter any problems using the bulletin board, email Charlie Cornell at

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