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Deacon’s Community Board Minutes-February 13, 2008

Present: Cardinal Sean O’Malley;Rev. Bill Kelly;Deacons, Guerrini, Hardcastle, Koffel, Turner, Donoghue.

  1. Opening prayer: Meeting convened at 7:00pm with opening prayer led by Cardinal Sean.
  2. Minutes of previous meeting were received and accepted.They are posted on diaconate web page.
  3. Members thanked Deacon Pat Guerini for the great communications coming out of Diaconate office.
  4. Cardinal Sean outlined his vision for Deacons in the Archdiocese of Boston. He indicated the need for Deacons to get involved in and support the Arise Program. To become leaders in the marriage prep programs particularly the regional prep programs that are forthcoming. He indicated that there is a 60% drop off in marriages over the past 20 years. Couples are also indicating that they are getting more satisfaction in not having children than in having them. Since most of our Catholic Community are called to the vocation of marriage, each parish should have two marriage enrichment programs per year; we need to get involved and teach people at young ages about the sanctity of marriage. Deacons can mentor couples and teach children regarding the importance of marriage. This is a good Endeavour for Deacons.

    Cardinal Sean pointed out that the RCIA program needs deacon involvement. Some parishes have no candidates while others have 60. What does it mean to be Baptized? His Eminence also feels strongly that deacons should get involved in adult confirmation programs. Those who want to marry and have not been confirmed can use this program.

    Cardinal Sean was pleased that next years incoming diaconate classes will be held at Austin Prep making it attractive to men in the Northern region. He stated that the role of deacons will increase and pointed out the importance of ongoing formation as a means of meeting the challenges we face in the coming years.

    Archdiocesan Headquarters will move to new Braintree location in June of this year.
  5. Proposal for Considerations Of Purpose, Membership and responsibilities Of the Deacon Community Board was discussed in depth led by Father Bill Kelly, Deacon Pat and Deacon Leo. Proposal was well received with perhaps need to look at Spanish Deacons on board. Need to better involve Vietnamese, Cape Verde, Brazilian and Haitian Communities in Diaconate vocations. We will look at Diaconate Web Site as well as regional vocation meetings as a means to foster vocations in these as well as Anglo vocations. Proposal was for two year terms but staggering of terms for continuity is an issue so a three year stagger will be looked at. The timeline of having final version of proposal is to be voted on at the April 2nd meeting after getting feedback from diaconate community. We will clarify and agree on election process and select an election committee.
  6. Convocation. 94 have signed up. We are hoping for 120.
  7. Meeting ended at 8:30pm with final prayer and blessing led by Cardinal Sean.

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