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D e a c o n ‘ s  C o u n c i l

M e e t i n g  O f  D e c e m b e r 12, 2001

In Attendance: Deacons Dean C. Bulpett, Joseph A. Canova, Joseph L. Delaney, Leo J. Donoghue, Andrew J. Goldy, Patrick E. Guerrini, Philip P. Hardcastle, John R. Menz, Jr., Joseph M. Messina, Gerald P. Ryan

Absent: Deacons Daniel F. Crimmins, Herbert C. Hanson, Michael C. Hickey, Francis A. Mandosa, Pablo Morel, Alfred E. Santosuosso, John E. Whipple

1.     In honor of the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Deacon Donoghue opened the meeting with a prayer to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

2.     Deacon Donoghue thanked the council members who attended the “Deacon Council Day of Recollection” held on December 8th.  During this day of recollection, those in attendance reviewed Deacon Messina’s proposed goals and objectives for this year’s deacon’s council.  (see attachment A)

3.     Deacon Messina reported that work had already begun on the creation of a “Stephen Fund”.  The working committee includes deacons Paul Cloonan (CPA), Mark Rumley (Esquire), Kenneth Ryan (Investments), and Joseph Messina (Associate Director, OPD).  A future committee will review required fund raising.

4.     Deacon Canova requested a list of all deacon’s widows, by region, to be included in his parish’s computer system in order to have parish pray-ers pray for them. Deacon Donoghue will provide this list.  He has a regional list of deacons, including e-mail addresses for all council members and several non-members as well.  He stressed the need to obtain e-mail addresses for all deacons who have them.  Widows of deacons will be added to this list.

5.     Deacon Hardcastle reported he had received positive feedback re: the importance of council minutes.  The minutes can be found on the OPD web page. 

6.     Deacon Donoghue reported that after the 1st of the year, a listing of the OPD data base will be sent to all deacons in order that the information may be reviewed and updates/corrections can be made.  Deacon Charles Cornell is the OPD webmaster.

7.     The subject of an Emmaus Program for deacons was discussed.  Deacon Messina stated this lies at the heart of all we do.  The OPD had such a program about ten years ago.   OPD staff will attempt to “dig out” any material for review.  Issues of budget, location, etc. need to be reviewed.

8.     Deacons Delaney and Ryan will put together a “PR” committee.

9.     Re: “Spiritual Growth”, annual retreats, and the reporting of them to the OPD, are already mandatory.  It was recognized that many deacons do not report on their retreats.  Deacons Bulpett and Menz will research reasons why retreats are not being reported.  They will put together a list of retreats for deacons, both for single and married deacons.  The subject of small group retreats was mentioned as having some appeal to deacons.

10. Re: “Continued Education”,  10 hours per year is the requirement for all deacons.  Reports are necessary for the OPD to evaluate aggregate fulfillment/failure of the requirement.  We need to increase the number of offerings, make them more appealing, and promote them more aggressively.  A few suggestions were discussed: (1) workshops on “light” spiritual direction for and by deacons - about eight deacons currently provide direction in their parishes, (2) workshop on the new funeral rights - hours could be granted for this workshop - contact is Deacon Anthony Rizzuto, and (3) workshop on parish-based marriage forms as well as working with troubled marriages.  Deacon Hardcastle will provide assistance in “continuing education” program development via a committee yet to be named.

11. Deacon Donoghue advised that a Spanish deacon, Pablo Morel, had been appointed to the council effective immediately.  WELCOME PABLO!  A widow will also be appointed in the near future.  There are currently twelve widows of deacons. 

12. Deacon Donoghue reported that during the renovation of Saint Williams Hall, formation classes will be held at Mount Saint Joseph Academy in Brighton on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.  When the renovation is complete, classes may return to Saint Williams Hall on Monday and Wednesday evenings.

13. Deacon Donoghue reported that the program to have pictures taken of the deacons produced a disappointing sixty per cent response.  Council members were asked to furnish not only their picture, but a statement of their current ministry as well.  This will be for publication purposes.

14. Deacon Donoghue also noted that  due to budget cuts in the OPD, more deacons may be called on to provide  volunteer services.

15. Deacon Delaney requested that more planning go into the 25th anniversary class celebrations for deacons.  The first class’ events were not too successful for many reasons.

16. Next Meeting: March 20, 2002

Respectfully submitted,

Deacon Francis A. Mandosa



Proposed Goals and Objectives

1.     GOAL: Develop a mechanism for identifying and reaching out to all deacons who are in need in any way.  For example, the unassigned, the sick, the widowed, the unemployed, those with spiritual/emotional or other needs.

            OBJECTIVE: Any deacon who becomes aware of the above situations should

                                   notify their regional representative on the council who in turn will

                                   notify the OPD.

                                   Develop a Stephen fund (underway)...a mechanism for temporary

                                   financial assistance to deacons, their families and widows

2.     GOAL: Build up the diaconate community spirit.

            OBJECTIVE: Reactivate the Emmaus Program

                                   Regional reps to meet with the regional bishop to plan and

                                   facilitate diaconal functions in conjunction with wives.

3.     GOAL: Undertake a program of promoting knowledge and awareness of diaconal ministry in the Archdiocese of Boston

OBJECTIVE: Establish a committee to accomplish the above

4.     GOAL: Facilitate the spiritual growth of deacons

            OBJECTIVE: Establish a committee to:

(a)   encourage and promote the annual retreat experience for each is a requirement of our is essential

(b)   encourage every deacon to have a spiritual director

(c)   notify the OPD when you identify a need...although difficult, the OPD will identify competent spiritual directors

(d)   identify good spiritual books and articles

(e)   compose a list of recommended spiritual readings

5.     GOAL: Ensure the continued education of deacons

            OBJECTIVE: Establish a committee to:

(a)   encourage and promote the continuing education is not an is required

(b)   advise the OPD of good speakers you may become aware of

(c)   be attuned to subjects of interest and of necessity that we should be better informed about...advise the OPD

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