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D e a c o n ' s C o u n c i l

Meeting of September 19, 2001

In Attendance: Deacons Dean C. Bulpett, Joseph A. Canova, Daniel F. Crimmins, Joseph L. Delaney, Leo J. Donoghue, Andrew J. Goldy, Patrick E. Guerrini, Herbert C. Hanson, Philip P. Hardcastle, Michael C. Hickey, Francis A. Mandosa, John R. Menz, Jr., Joseph M. Messina

Absent: Alfred E. Santosuosso


1. Deacon Donoghue opened the meeting with a "prayer for deacons".

2. Deacon Donoghue welcomed the new council members and distributed copies of and reviewed the "Guidelines of the Permanent Deacons' Council of the Archdiocese of Boston". Council members include the following men:

Merrimack Region: Deacons Bulpett and Crimmins
West Region: Deacons Hanson and Santosuosso
Central Region: Deacons Goldy and Guerrini
South Region: Deacons Canova and Menz
North Region: Deacons Hardcastle and Mandosa
Director's appointee: Deacon Joseph Delaney

3. Election of council officers was conducted. Deacon Hardcastle was elected Chairman; Deacon Canova was elected Vice Chairman; Deacon Mandosa was elected Secretary.

4. Deacon Donoghue mentioned that council meetings are open to all Deacons and that Deacons should contact their regional representatives with any questions, ideas, comments, etc. they feel the council should be aware of or discuss.

5. Deacon Hickey gave a presentation on NADO (National Association of Diaconate Organizations). He recently attended NADO's annual meeting in Cleveland. He represents the Boston Archdiocese and the New England (region 1) at NADO. Deacon Hickey was enthusiastic about the sharing of ideas and the camaraderie he experienced with other deacons from around the country. Some of the value he sees in being a NADO member are:

. NADO is dedicated to fostering a sense of community within the U.S. Diaconate.
. NADO collaborates with the National Conference of Catholic Bishops.
. NADO provides a national forum for deacons to discuss and share common
. NADO enables deacon organizations to speak with a common voice.
. NADO encourages organizations of deacons to reflect on and act upon issues
affecting deacons and their families.

Deacon Hickey encourages any interested deacon to join NADO as an "associate member". Annual membership cost is $25 which includes a newsletter and invitations to all national meetings. An application is included with these minutes. The Archdiocese is a "member organization".

6. Deacon Delaney recommended that, as the Archdiocesan representative, all reasonable expenses incurred by Deacon and Mrs. Hickey for attendance at NADO's annual meeting should be paid for by the Office of the Permanent Diaconate. Deacon Donoghue will take it under advisement.

7. Deacon Hickey spoke about the National Diaconate Institute for Continuing Education (NDICE) held on the campus of Notre Dame University in South Bend, Indiana. This is a one week "retreat-like" experience. He recommends it to members of the diaconate community.

8. Deacon Donoghue mentioned that we have a new Public Relations person in the Archdiocese. He hopes this will help promote the diaconate as a vocational ministry.

9. Deacon Messina, newly appointed associate director of the diaconate office, presented his views on how he hopes to interact with the diaconate community. He reviewed his job description and stated his goals which include: increasing communications between the office and the diaconate community, rebuilding the spirit of diaconia by making sure no deacon feels "alone", helping deacons deal with (and fix where possible) problems they may be experiencing, provide "outreach" from the office to the community. Deacon Messina feels renewed, refreshed and enthusiastic about his new responsibilities.

10. Deacon Canova suggested Deacon Messina consider the concept of "Emmaus Groups" for deacons.

11. Deacon Bulpett suggested mentor programs to keep newly ordained deacons in touch.

12. Deacon Messina discussed the essential and beneficial nature of retreats and spiritual direction for all deacons.

13. Deacon Donoghue advised council members their names were being sent to their respective regional bishops. It is expected the bishops will use these men as their "eyes and ears" for their regions.

14. Deacon Donoghue gave a report on current candidates. There are twenty seven (27) candidates, twelve (12) in the class of 2002, and fifteen (15) in the class of 2004.

15. Deacon Donoghue advised we have time for two informational meetings before the end of the year at which time applications for the class of 2006 will be closed. He expressed the importance of deacons asking qualified men to call the office for an application if they have an interest in the diaconate. To receive an application, individuals must go through a telephoning screening by the office.

16. Deacon Donoghue advised that classroom space to replace Saint Williams Hall is still unknown. Our Lady Help of Christians is the most likely site. This triggered much discussion concerning the importance of formation being held on the grounds of Saint John's Seminary.

The council feels very strongly that formation on the Seminary grounds is a "must". Council comments included: "Formation on the Seminary grounds authenticates our ministry." "We are clergy and belong on the Seminary campus." "Its not right that we be shut out in favor of lay formation." "We need to make a strong statement." "We need to be associated with Saint John's." "We have enough trouble with our identity as it is."

17. Deacon Guerrini advised that any deacon wishing to assist the Cardinal at the Sunday Mass at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross should contact him. All are welcome.

18. Next Meeting: December 12, 2001.

Respectfully submitted,

Deacon Francis A. Mandosa

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